Book a Private Tour With the AAA

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Whether you are looking to discover the history of how our built environments developed, discover places you never knew existed, further your professional development or are looking for a great way to team build with your employees, a private tour is a great option.

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New on eClassroom - Tone Wheeler Talk

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An outstanding talk is now available on the website of AAA partner eClassroom.

eClassroom is now featuring a talk by architect and AAA President Tone Wheeler on Ronchamp Chapel and Le Corbusier. Part of a talks series titled 'Iconic Buildings of the 20th Century', the talk took place at the Brickworks Studio and revealed how the iconic building was conceived and executed. 


Ronchamp is Le Corbusier’s most famous building, but most people only know it from one photo (pictured above), and this singular view leads to a limited understanding of just how brilliant this building is.

The chapel is a result of an intense process, both personal and pragmatic, and a detailed understanding of that process can lead to a completely different view. 

Tone Wheelers presentation explores the history of the development of the building and analyses Le Corbusier’s design thinking, his ideas and concepts that gave rise to the form of the building. 

It was extraordinarily radical, controversial and confronting, and at the time many leading architects were horrified, but later Ronchamp Chapel was held up as one of the greats of the 20th Century. 

Visit eClassroom to enjoy the talk. Click here.

  • Image: Ronchamp Chapel (image provided by Tone Wheeler)

Designing Homes With Everyone In Mind

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Catch up on the latest news from AAA Sponsor NATSPEC. This month NATSPEC is highlighting how Universal design principles gives greater accessibility to people of different ages and abilities.

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Pyrmont - Architectural Time Capsule Walk

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The Pyrmont - Architectural Time Capsule Walk is a new walk introduced to the AAA collection of architecture walks in 2021. Taking place on Thursday 22 April 2021. Come and discover Pyrmont's architecture and enjoy hearing about the area's colourful history in a two hour walk.

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Join Our New Walk Through Dover Heights

Dover Heights walk Owens house

Join an architectural walking tour through Dover Heights on Saturday 17 April. This eastern Sydney clifftop suburb features a variety of hidden architectural gems by well known architects.

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Ultimo - Architecture as Art Walk

AAA Ultimo

Discover the art of architecture with a trained knowledgeable AAA guide on the Ultimo - Architecture as Art walk.

On Saturday 1 May 2021 learn about the suburbs colourful history and architecture. 

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@home Visits Manly in Early May

Manly project by Marston Architects

We will be visiting the suburb of Manly and opening an amazing house by Marston Architects.

This project was centred around the need to better relate an existing 1930s building to its site and encourage better use of external spaces. The site has it main street frontage and a rear lane which is located 4m above the street level. The original home was built into a high retaining wall with no access to the rear garden other than via a side stair.

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Pyrmont - Architectural Time Capsule Walk

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Experience the architecture of Pyrmont on the AAAs second new walk for 2021. The Pyrmont - Architectural Time Capsule Walk takes place on Saturday 27 March 2021. Come and discover Pyrmont's architecture and enjoy hearing about the area's colourful history in a two hour walk.

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