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Dear Friends of AAA,

We are launching our annual fundraising campaign and need your assistance to reach our 2019 target of $12,000.

Since 2004, we have worked as advocates to raise the profile of architects with a purpose to promote architecture and design to the general public.

Proceeds will assist us in developing and delivering new tours and events in 2020. With your help, AAA will continue to educate and engage in discussion with the public about the value of good contemporary architecture and to expect the highest standards from Australia’s built environment. Proceeds will also assist us to continue and grow architecture walking tours for school children who are our future.

“As architects and founding members of the AAA, we are always excited to participate in the fantastic events that are generously organised by the AAA for both the architecture profession and the public. Experiencing great design is fundamental to understanding how important it is for both our home life and the built environment in which we live. Architects have so much to offer and the AAA is a perfect platform to share how carefully considered design can enhance everyone’s experience of life.” – Testimonial by Lindy and Steve, Bark Architects, Noosa QLD

Supporting our Fundraising Campaign will help “Keep Architecture Open” to everyone!

In appreciation of your help, we have put together some great rewards for your support in the ‘Keep Architecture Open’ campaign.




Please share this campaign with your friends/colleagues to help spread the word to donate.

Keep an eye out each week as we add new rewards during the 7 week fundraising campaign.

Thank you again in anticipation of your support.


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Tone Wheeler
Australian Architecture Association