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Support Australian Architecture Association's Annual Fundraising campaign

The AAA’s Board would really appreciate your help, however, understand how difficult it is for everyone at the moment, especially living with the Pandemic and the restrictions placed on us but we need your support so we can continue sharing architecture with you.

In these challenging times, AAA has been able to recommence the walks program and our popular ‘At Home’ events with the generosity of architects and their clients and remains committed to providing the safest possible experience for its entire community of members, friends, volunteers and tour attendees.

Testimonial from -Melonie Bayl-Smith, Bijl Architecture –

“The AAA does really important work in promoting architecture and the value of good design by encouraging us to get ‘up close and personal’ with buildings, architects and their clients. The building, neighbourhood and city tours are compelling, with expert guides and experienced architects generously giving of their time and knowledge in the interests of bringing about a better appreciation for the built environment around us. Because of this, both myself and my practice Bijl Architecture have been AAA members for years and anticipate continuing for many years to come. Annette and her team deserve every bit of support they can get, so please dig deep!”

Supporting our Fundraising Campaign will help “Keep Architecture Open’’ to everyone!

Proceeds will assist us in developing and delivering our program of architecture activities and being able to share architecture up and close.

In appreciation of your assistance, we have put together some great rewards for your support in the ‘Keep Architecture Open’ campaign.

The Rewards will be updated regularly, so please keep an eye out as more rewards are added.

Thank you for your support.

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The Australian Architecture Association would like to thank the following individuals and organisations who have shown their love for the AAA by donating rewards to our campaign: Ms Sharyn Minahan, Mr James Fitzpatrick, Mr & Mrs Kirk




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Shirley Zions  $ 900.00  $ 900.00 Paypal
Melonie Bayl-Smith  $ 350.00  $ 350.00 Paypal