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Castle Cove Walking Tour


The Castle Cove - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly walking tour.

Immerse yourself in 1960's suburbia and how it is changing. Castle Cove was part of Walter Burley Griffin's 1920's 3 peninsular land purchase being Castlecrag, Middle Cove and Castle Cove.

You will walk through this suburb looking at architecture of the 60's through to the 2000's, discover how architects have changed and defined this picturesque suburb with water views to both sides.

One of the first suburbs to incorporate a golf course, original clubhouse was designed as a stone building by Walter Burley Griffin and the current clubhouse was designed by architect Eric Nicholls, his partner.

''You will be reminded of textured coloured brick houses, decorative balustrades and so many other features, too good to miss'', said architect Ben Gerstel.

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