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Castle Cove Walking Tour


The Castle Cove - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly walking tour.

Led by AAA volunteer, architect and design educator, Ben Gerstel, participants of the walk launch enjoyed an exploration of the suburb. Tracing the development from it's 1950's and 1960's single dwellings into the present day, Castle Cove is an areas with a rich diversity of architecture.


Over the course of the walk, Ben presented many buildings designed by different architects in different eras, including works by Martin and King Architects, White Box Architecture, Harry Seidler & Associates, Marston Architects, Bruce Rickard and Luigi Roselli Architects.


After completing the two hour walk, tour participants were invited to join the AAA for early evening refreshments in the Castle Cove residence designed by architect Vivienne Marston of Marston Architects.

Attendees enjoyed mingling in the light filled open plan living spaces that look out to outstanding views of the water.


We would like to thank Vivienne and Andrew for offering their home to host the AAA and it's supporters. A great evening was enjoyed by all.

We have Castle Cove walking tours scheduled throughout the year. Book into this popular tour early to experience some of the architecture Castle Cove has on offer, be it the good, the bad or ugly!

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