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August 2018

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Image 1: The Kitchen / Dining area in 'Collectors Cottage' in Bardwell Park, designed by Mark Szczerbicki Design Studio

On Saturday 11 August 2018 the sold out AAA Residential Bus Tour, set out from Customs House to explore contemporary homes in Sydney's inner west and northern suburbs.

Enjoying perfect blue skies tour participants got to explore the interiors and exteriors of four fabulous residential projects designed by:

Midway through the tour participants were treated to a delicious three course lunch at Martha's in Castlecrag.

Below are some photographs of what was seen over the day.


Designed by Mark Szczerbicki Design Studio

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Image 2: Mark Szczerbicki explains the clients design brief for 'Collectors Cottage' 
Image 3: A View through the Kitchen / Dining space towards the back yard at 'Collectors Cottage'
Image 4: The rear extension on 'Collectors Cottage'


Designed by Jason Blake Architecture

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Image 5: Jason Blake discussed how his Newtown Residence gained an additional storey and extension at the rear
Image 6: A View of the rear extension to the Newtown Residence
Image 7: Kitchen / Dining space in the Newtown Residence


Designed by David Boyle Architects

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Image 8: David Boyle stands at the entry to the Northbridge Residence and explains its planning
Image 9: Lovely views can be enjoyed from the Northbridge Residences elevated alfresco space
Image 10: View back towards the rear of the Northbridge Residence from the elevated alfresco space


Designed by

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Image 11: Sam Crawford explaining the inspiration for The Bower
Image 12: The Bower reflects the influence of Balinese architecture and sits in a secret garden invisible from the street
Image 13: The living space of The Bower enjoys duel views of the secret garden and of Cabbage Tree Bay

Thank you to all the architects and their clients for generously opening the doors on their homes. A great day was had by all!

Keep your eye on upcoming issues of 'All About Architecture' for announcements about the next residential tour. Make sure you book tickets early - otherwise you'll miss out!

  • Article: Vanessa Couzens
  • Photographer: Vanessa Couzens