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MacCormick & Associates Architects win Mosman Design Awards

Congratulations to AAA volunteer Michael MacCormick, principal of the firm MacCormick & Associates Architects on his recent wins in the 2013 Mosman Design Award Competition.

Bantry Bay House has won two awards, the Excellence in the Built Environment Award and the Peoples Choice Award.

The luxury residence, designed and constructed from 2006-2012 is built on a steeply sloped site with expansive views down Middle Harbour.


At the edge of a shear sandstone rock face on the street front, a curved drive navigates up the site to the lowest level of the house which contains spaces such as the garage and home office. The home office adjoins the side of a raised pool with glazed panels viewing into the waters of the pool. A green roof over this level provides both garden space to the stone podium above, as well as thermal mass protecting these spaces from temperature fluctuations.

Pushed to the edge of the property, an external formal entrance stair leads the visitor from level one up to the main entry at the third level of the house. Sitting between two living pavilions, linked by a flat metal roof, the entry views through a landscaped garden to a an exterior kitchen / entertainment courtyard that separates the pavilions and provides a space protected from sun and winds.

The more public functions of the house are housed within the pavilions on level three.


The open plan kitchen, dining, living space are orientated onto the courtyard on one side and a generous curved terrace on the other, with views across the harbour.


Below the living pavilions sits a second stone podium that houses the private functions of the house such as bedrooms. Bedrooms open directly onto the green roof of the garage and also enjoy water views.

Through clever use of geometry in it's planning and utilising retractable exterior venetians, spaces within the house are deliberately designed to reduce the entry of direct summer sun, capture winter sun and protect spaces from the wind, while maximising views of Middle Harbour.

  • Article: Vanessa Couzens
  • Photographs: sourced from MacCormick & Associates Architects
  • Photographer: Huw Lambert

AAA Open House Residential Bus Tour

The next AAA Open House Residential Bus Tour takes place next month on 18 May 2013. Don't miss out on an opportunity to experience some great architect designed houses across the inner east and inner west of Sydney.


Over the day you will visit houses situated between Bellevue Hill and Rozelle. You'll meet some of the clients, along with the architects from practices such as Carter Williamson Architects, David Edelman Architects and Sam Crawford Architects.

This is an all day bus tour which includes lunch, commentary and coach travel.

Tickets: $195 (Public) / $175 (AAA Members)

Tickets will sell out fast, so book now to learn how the designs evolved and be inspired!

Click here to secure your place.

  • Photographs: supplied by Carter Williamson Architects
  • Photographer: Brett Boardman
  • Image 1: Rozelle Terrace
  • Image 2: Cow Shed House, Glebe

Review: Urban Trends - Doing It Differently


Kylie Legge writes in the foreword to the first of her planned three Urban Trends booklets that she is far more fascinated by a city’s “complex system of interdependent relationships” than “individual pieces of architecture”.

“I am intensely interested in urban environments, in making them places where human beings can enjoy a meaningful and whole life; a balance of the social, economic, physical and cultural,” she admits in Doing It Differently. “The key challenge of place making is to create or nurture this chaotic balance (perhaps best described as a place’s unique and authentic character) but also support evolution into the future, and always to build in resilience and self sustainability.”

Legge runs Place Partners and has written about, lectured, presented at conferences and worked with governments, developers, communities, architects and designers on making places here and overseas in all sizes of cities, well before it became the vogue to do so. Her concerns are timeless and pre-trend any trending: “... work out exactly what is needed to keep people happy, make communities thrive and ensure the best result– both economic and lifestyle – for all involved”.

Judging by the chapters in this book, we need to be flexible, able to live without permanent structures or relationships, be open to others through serial, ongoing collaboration, bartering and inventive reuse of buildings and belongings. Pop-ups are a reward for keeping your eyes open – you never know where one will pop-up, Legge herself having a bookstore on an Oxford Street pavement (as I remember they did in Chinese cities on my longest visit there in 1983). Once the domain of artists and creatives these temporary outlets are now big business, Legge says. So are food trucks, by ubiquity anyway, and improvements to menu and tastiness at Sydney’s numerous festivals.

Collaborative consumption, where we barter across cyberspace, sharing goods with people known and not known, is a cheaper, space-saving and environmentally beneficial way of passing things on. Collaborative urbanism has people engaging with each other and participating in their future, making decisions that “will make our cities better for people”.  Site-specific solutions that do not reinvent the wheel are the way to go. It all sounds so straightforward, but its very simplicity is revolutionary.

The upshot is a telling change in how we live and think. “Arts and creative industries aren’t just being seen as a luxury but a core generator of economic success and community wellbeing.”  Without wishing to sound too trite, I can only say, Vive la difference.

Editor: These series of booklets promise to be an interesting insight into modern approaches to collaborative place-making. Book 1 'Doing It Differently', is available at bookstores such as Ariel, Berkelouw Books and the MCA bookstore. Or order direct from the Urban Trends website.

ACTIU Opens a Showroom in Pyrmont


Through their partnership dealer network, InHouse Group 3 is proud to announce that ACTIU will open a brand new showroom in Pyrmont, Sydney.

Begun in 1968 as a family run company in the Alicante region, La Foia de Castalla, Spain. ACTIU is a company that specialises in creating office furniture for a variety of workspaces.


Operating globally, ACTIU is committed to making mass-production more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The company undertakes all its own manufacturing, from the machine-cutting of wood and metal and die-stamping to the application of finishes.

With a reputation for extensive research and development, ACTIU produce an extensive range of ergonomic and attractive furniture. They regularly collaborate with freelance designers, such as alegreindustrial, Javier Cuñado, CDN, Lledó y Campos, and Sigfrido Bilbao.

The official opening of the showroom takes place tonight at 6.00pm. Contact InHouse Group 3 to secure a last minute invitation.

9th Annual Sculpture by the Sea - Western Australia


Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe, Perth’s largest outdoor sculpture exhibition, returns to the picturesque Cottesloe Beach from March 8 – 24, 2013. The iconic event, featuring over 70 artists from across WA, Australia and 11 different countries, is expected to attract over 220,0000 visitors.

This year 24 West Australian artists will exhibit their works, including Ron Gomboc, Ben Juniper, Jennifer Cochrane, Ayad Alqaragholli, Alessandra Rossi and one of the recipients of last year’s prestigious Helen Lempriere Scholarships, Tom de Munk-Kerkmeer. They will be joined by 26 artists from across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, the ACT and Tasmania including Ken Unsworth AM, Geoffery Ricardo, Philip Spelman and artist collectives Cave Urban and GhostNets Australia.


Exhibiting alongside the Australian artists are a number of prestigious international sculptors including UK’s Sir Anthony Caro OM, China’s Chen Wenling and Professor Sui Jianguo, along with the recipient of the main prize at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2012, USA artist, Peter Lundberg. A number of the international artists will travel to Perth to attend the exhibition including Maia Marinelli from the USA, and Jonas Hallberg & René Dybdahl Pedersen from Denmark, with flights courtesy of new exhibition sponsor China Southern Airlines.

The exhibition will open with the official media launch on 8 March, with the announcement of the recipient of the prestigious Western Australian Sculpture Scholarship of $10,000 together with an invitation to exhibit in Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2013. The scholarship, which has been funded by an anonymous donor, is designed to provide an artist with funds to advance their career.


Sculpture by the Sea, will run a range of special programs throughout the exhibition, including the Alcoa Schools Education program and free Tactile Tours for visitors with disabilities and their carers. In partnership with DADAA Inc. and supported by Lotterywest, Tactile Tours are designed to introduce visitors with disabilities to a new experience with contemporary sculpture through dialogue and touch. For the first time at Cottesloe, Sculpture by the Sea will operate free weekend artist talks each Saturday and Sunday during the exhibition. With three sessions per day, and featuring both local and international exhibiting artists, visitors will be able to sit back and relax into the beanbags situated around the artists’ work, learn about their sculpture, the process of creating and interact directly with the artists.

Getting to and from the exhibition is trouble-free with the Cott Cat free shuttle bus service which runs between Cottesloe train station and Cottesloe Beach. The shuttle will operate every fifteen minutes between 10.30am – 5.30pm daily throughout the exhibition. With plenty of parking at Cottesloe train station, using the Cott Cat is the ideal way to ‘park and ride’ to and from the exhibition.


Sculpture by the Sea is a trans-national series of exhibitions with sister exhibitions held in Aarhus, Denmark in June 2013 and along the Bondi - Tamarama coastal walk in Sydney in October 2013.

For more information on Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe, click here.

Editor: Congratulations to Kalamundra artist Mikaela Castledine. On the 8th March, her exhibition entry, a "murder" of crocheted plastic crows was announced as the winner of the West Australian Sculpture Scholarship.

  • Article: Sculpture by the Sea - Media Release
  • Photographs: Provided by Sculpture by the Sea
    - Photograph 1: Cave Urban_mengenang (memory), Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2013_0175
    - Photograph 2: GhostNets Australia, ghost net crocodile, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2013_0102
    - Photograph 3: Stephen Marr, the optimist, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2013_0554
    - Photograph 4: Ayad Alqaragholli, habibi, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe 2013_0382