AWS Supports the AAA

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The Australian Architecture Association would like to thank our sponsor Architectural Window Systems (AWS) for their support.


Architectural Window Systems (AWS) is one of Australia’s largest aluminium window and door suppliers, with a reputation as leaders in the development and supply of high performance aluminium window and doors through innovation and market research.

The organisation designs, tests, extrudes, finishes and supplies the components which make up an aluminium window or door system under the Vantage Aluminium Joinery and Elevate™ Aluminium Systems brands.

The components of their systems are supplied to a nationwide network of fully trained, equipped and licensed manufacturers. These manufacturers have been selected for their ability to provide only the highest quality of product manufacture, ensuring the ongoing performance and integrity of our systems.

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AWS assists their manufacturers by providing technical, marketing, sales, IT and manufacturing support. They have developed a number of industry specific tools to assist their network in costing, purchasing, inventory and manufacturing.

The AWS product range is recognised as being the largest available in Australia and is considered technically impressive. In line with its commitment to product development, AWS introduce new products each year and upgrade the existing product range on a regular basis.

CLICK HERE to visit the AWS website.

  • Image 1: Bluff Farm house designed by Richard Cole,
    features windows and doors from the Series 704 SlideMASTER™ and Series 525 LouvreMASTER™
    (Image Source: AWS Projects)
  • Image 2: Valley House, designed by Sparks Architects
    features a range of Vantage and Elevate™ Aluminium Systems
    (Image Source: AWS Projects)