In Memory of David Edelman

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The Australian Architecture Association would like to extend their condolences to the family and friends of David Edelman, who recently passed away.

David was a valued supporter of our organisation and he will be very much missed by all who have had the pleasure of knowing him over the past several years.


By Annette Dearing

David Edelman was a founding member of the Australian Architecture Association who supported architecture and the AAA right up until his death on 9 February, 2019.

David was a respected architect who had his own practice in Melbourne and his residential work has been featured in AAA tours.

I knew David for almost 15 years and always enjoyed catching up with him, sharing stories and his passion for architecture which was an inspiration to me and many other others who got to know David attending the residential tours over the years.

David loved attending architecture tours and would always make the journey from Melbourne to either Sydney or the Sunshine Coast to participate in AAA’s residential tours and would say ‘just let me know when the next one is on and I will be there’.

He was always so generous with his positive comments about other architects’ work and always loved seeing and hearing about their design process.

David opened his clients’ amazing homes to AAA tours in both Melbourne and Sydney. I remember when David invited us to visit one of his projects in Melbourne, with only about an hour’s notice, he phoned the client and she agreed to a visit by Vanessa Couzens and I, thanks to David we got to visit an amazing house.

He was enthusiastic and passionate about architecture and supported every AAA Fundraising campaign so more people could enjoy seeing architecture like he had experienced in attending the many residential tours over the years.

He always said, ‘going inside these houses is a great way for the public to understand architecture’.

David’s daughter Bindy, told us that 'her dad loved going on architecture tours and that it was a whole side of his life that brought him so much joy, he was inspired and made many special connections through these tours'.

David was one of the most generous human beings I have known, he will be missed.

David was 73 years old.

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  • Image 1: David Edelman (Image Source: Bindy Edelman)
  • Image 2: David Edelman and images of his Bellevue Hill House, May 2013 AAA Residential Bus Tour (Photographer: Vanessa Couzens)