Photographic Review of May's Booked Out Tour

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Image 1: Pavilion adjoining a Queen Anne style residence restored by Jorge Hrdina Architects (Image supplied by Jorge Hrdina Architects).

On Saturday 5 May the sold out AAA Residential Bus Tour, set out from Customs House to explore contemporary design in the Northern Beaches area. Under perfect blue skies tour participants enjoyed exploring the interiors and exteriors of four residential projects designed by Utz Sanby Architects, Drew Heath Architects and Jorge Hrdina Architects.

As a bonus addition to the tour, Drew Heath welcomed the tour at his studio on Careel Bay Marina and offered an insight into how his practice operates and his approach to design through the extensive use of architectural models.

Below are some photographs of what was seen over the day.


Designed by Utz Sanby Architects.

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Image 2: Duncan Sanby of Utz Sanby Architects, explains how the heritage listed Palm Beach holiday house was restored and reimagined through a series of modern extensions.

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Image 3: A view from the lower level of the residence containing a contemporary addition of living and bedroom spaces facing onto a landscaped pool area.

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Image 4: A luxurious ensuite bathroom at the rear of the house in the contemporary house addition, enjoys spectacular views of Palm Beach.


Studio designed by Drew Heath Architects

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Image 5: Drew Heath of Drew Heath Architects discusses how he approached the design of his studio space and explains how he approaches designing through the use of architectural models.

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Image 6: Interior of the Drew Heath Architects studio.


Designed by Drew Heath Architects

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Image 7: Avalon residenve - rear living pavilion.

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Image 8: Interior of the Avalon Residence.


Designed by Drew Heath Architects

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Image 9: Tour participants outside the garage / studio apartment pavilion that will eventually complement a primary residence.

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Image 10: Drew Heath explains the design of the stages of construction for the property.

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Image 11: Interior of the studio apartment space above garage level.


Designed by Jorge Hrdina Architects

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Image 12: Jorge Hrdina explains how the project incorporated the renovations and restoration of a Queen Anne style residence and addition of a generous poolside pavilion, housing carparking, a wine cellar, living space, visitor accommodations and entertaining spaces - including a rooftop deck.

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Image 13: The exterior of the Pavilion

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Image 14: The exterior of the Queen Anne style  residence.

Thank you to all the architects and their clients for generously opening the doors on some fabulous homes. A great day was had by all!

Keep your eye on upcoming issues of 'All About Architecture' for announcements about the next residential tour. Make sure you book tickets early - otherwise you'll miss out!

  • Article: Vanessa Couzens
  • Image 1: Pavilion designed by Jorge Hrdina Architects
  • Photographer: Vanessa Couzens