March - At Home With the Architect Review

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Project: Iron Maiden House by CplusC Architectural Workshop.

Location: Longueville, NSW

In March, as part of AAA’s monthly initiative ‘At Home with the Architect’, we visited Iron Maiden House by CplusC Architectural Workshop. 

A unique project and built form set amidst a suburb known for its traditional large homes, the tour provoked surprise and wonder in attendees once they had passed through the sandstone walls. 

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The client brief for the project was to design and create a home for a family of five, one that was not dissimilar to the subtropical climates of Asia where the family had been residing. The clients wanted to challenge traditional notions of suburban residential design and living in many aspects, in a home that utilised passive design principles to heat and cool the building. The resulting home is spacious and supportive with a connection to the outdoors that is both enviable and awe-inspiring. 

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The tour attendees were guided through the home by Managing Director, Clinton Cole who graciously answered multiple questions about the intricacies of dealing with council on such a unique site and design, architectural detailing, functionality and practicality of living in such an open home. The home is inextricably linked to the outdoors, there is no escaping the changes in the climate with many attendees curious about preventing insects (namely mosquitoes) and the rain from entering the home, and how to maintain the central linear pond that flows from the front gate through the home. 

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The aim of the ‘At Home with the Architect’ tours is to allow attendees to immerse themselves in architecture that is ‘liveable’. It provides a platform to ask those burning questions of the architect and experience buildings and spaces that are often quite different from the traditional notions of the residential design yet equally habitable. 

Stay tuned for next months tour...

  • Article: Trina Kazi
  • Images: Iron Maiden House by CplusC Architectural Workshop (Photographer: Vanessa Couzens)