Have Your Say on the Draft Cultural Ribbon Strategy

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The City of Sydney has created a draft Cultural Ribbon Strategy that proposes a new harbourside walking trail exploring the history of the city and the relationship between the land, maritime history and Sydney's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. They are currently inviting comment from the public and you can download a copy of the strategy and then share your ideas. Submissions close at 5pm on Monday 19 September 2016.

Here’s your opportunity to remind the City of Sydney that the Australian Architecture Association already plays a significant role in promoting the history and development of the built environment around Sydney on its architectural walking tours. As a not-for-profit organisation we provide a unique insight into the city of Sydney to both Australian and international audiences. It would be great to see the local government promoting the services of grassroots organisations such as the AAA in the development and execution of their strategy.

Click here to download the strategy and have your say.

The AAA conducts tours through the City of Sydney on a weekly basis. Join one of our tours such as the Sydney City Walk, Walk Through Time or The Rocks Walk to learn about the history and development of Sydney.

  • Article: Vanessa Couzens
  • Image: Walsh Bay
  • Photographer: Vanessa Couzens