NSW: Review Of At Home With the Architect April

REVIEW: Aprils NSW At Home with the Architect

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In April the NSW ’At Home With the Architect’ tour series explored a residence in the rural landscape of the Southern Highlands. Australian Architecture Association Vice President and architect Ben Gerstel attended the tour and wrote about the experience.

At Home With the Architect: Indigo Lane, Exeter

In April ‘At Home With the Architect’ explored a home south of Sydney in Exeter.

After a pleasant Sunday drive, tour participants arrived in the Southern Highlands. Under glorious blue skies the owners and designers of the residence explained to the tour attendees how the house was designed and built.

The Exeter house is of modular design and is the result of an idea conceived by Melbourne architect, Sue Carr of the Carr Design Group, who saw an opening in the domestic housing market. She was of the opinion there are people in the community who want a well designed house without paying an outrageous sum of money for a bespoke residence. Ultimately the company, Intermode was created.

Everyone who attended the At Home With the Architect tour was very impressed with how well the house was designed and how simple it appeared as it did not look like what they imagined a modular design to be. Many people said they would be happy to live in a house like this.

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The house has a simple rectangular floor plan with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. A timber deck wraps around the whole house. The front of the house has a solid wall with the three remaining walls being floor to ceiling glass, that is double glazed for energy efficiency. The front wall acts like a thick wall which houses storage, the laundry and a study, all hidden behind white cupboards. The kitchen is located on this side of the house and opens to the living and dining areas. The floor is polished concrete heated by hydronic heating (which is hot water run through pipes buried in the concrete slab) and the external cladding is plywood Shadowclad which has been painted black. The colour scheme is black and white with colour added by the furnishings and the wonderful country side outlook.

With forty people attending, many of whom were new faces, this was another very successful AAA At Home with the Architect.

  • Article: Ben Gerstel
  • Image 1: Side of the Indigo Lane Residence
  • Image 2: Entry of the Indigo Lane Residence
  • Photographer: Vanessa Couzens