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The AAA needs you - donate NOW! Our not-for-profit organisation is passionate about making architecture and design accessible to everyone and we need your continued support to fund our operations. We want to continue providing a rich program of walks, tours and talks in 2016 and are running a fund raising campaign on the crowd funding website Pozible. By pledging you 'Keep Architecture Open' and you reap some great rewards for your generosity!

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The Australian Architecture Association (AAA) is a not for profit organisation that has been promoting a greater understanding of architecture and design since 2004. The AAA is a volunteer run organisation, and it is only possible for us to continue providing educational programs with the generous support of our members, partners and volunteers.

We're reaching out to you because we are hoping to raise over $10,000 to help us continue to run our yearly program of educational tours and talks in NSW and interstate. We have put together some great benefits in appreciation of your support and these will be available until 30 November 2015.


The Australian Architecture Association’s vision is that through education and greater understanding, people have the power to effect positive change in the way their built environment is shaped. Our yearly program includes:

  • Weekly architectural walking tours through suburbs around Sydney that promote an understanding of the unique qualities of Sydney’s communities and environment.
  • Monthly opening the doors of a private home in NSW and meeting the architects who demonstrate how clever design can better serve the needs of individuals.
  • Bus tours showcasing residential architecture both locally and interstate.
  • Special talks that provide an opportunity to discover developments in contemporary design and how home grown and international designers can contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • In 2016 we will continue our program of events in our chapter based in Victoria, run by AAA representative architect Steve Rose.

Our organisation is unique in its aim to foster closer ties between communities and the people who help shape the urban environment.

How can you help? We believe in people power, every donation helps no matter how small!

The Australian Architecture Association is not about promoting individual designers, it is about allowing people to understand and celebrate the value of architecture, interior design, urban planning and heritage. We believe that everyone should be empowered to effect positive change on the way our cities are shaped and this can only happen through fostering understanding and encouraging people to debate the merits of architecture and design. We want to thank you in advance for your generous support!

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