Austral Bricks Supports the AAA As A New Sponsor


The Australian Architecture Association takes great pleasure in announcing a new sponsor - Austral Bricks. Austral Bricks is proud to show its support of the operations of the AAA in promoting architecture and design in Australia.

Founded in 1908, Austral Bricks, one of the Australian-owned companies forming part of Brickworks Limited, is Australia’s largest, best-known and most efficient clay brick and paver manufacturer.


The company has a well-established national presence with manufacturing and sales facilities in every state. It has long been at the forefront of product innovation and efficient, sustainable production. The introduction of robotic brick handling equipment and the ongoing pursuit of energy and resource efficiencies has enabled Austral Bricks to maintain its competitive edge.

  • Article: Vanessa Couzens
  • Logo: provided by Austral Bricks
  • Image: Fashion designer Camilla Kaftan's Conceptual Project for Austral Bricks sourced from Austral Bricks 'Glazed: The Art of Ceramic Glazed Bricks' p.14-15