Discover Italian Architecture and Design On A Study Tour in 2015


International study tours are a unique opportunity for architects, designers and design enthusiasts to enhance their knowledge of and appreciation for a particular geographical area or topic. Appreciating this fact, AAA member, interior designer, editor of Grand Designs Australia and Italophile, Kate St James has again curated a tour to Italy especially orientated towards architects and designers.

This tour focuses on architecture and landscape in several locations in Italy, including but not limited to Cinque Terre, Carrara marble mines, Venice and Vincenza.


It is Kate's personal experience living in and travelling through Italy that was the catalyst for these tours that she creates specifically for the design industry in conjunction with trusted colleagues in Italy.

In 2015 bookings are still available for the October study tour.

'Our program draws on our wide network of scholars and colleagues, who have tailored the tour to the interests of our participants', said Kate. 'This 14 day program is the result of extensive research by our Italian partners and is designed for those who have an interest in architecture and design which goes beyond the standard guidebooks, visiting destinations covering multiple disciplines, structures and geographic areas. Of course we include pauses for leisure and personal exploration of la dolce vita too, as no visit to Italy should be purely academic'.


You will also have unprecedented access to signifcant sites and you will be in great company, enhancing your experiences with debate and input from your co-coordinators, hosts and study colleagues with a wide expertise in a variety of disciplines.

This once-in-a-lifetime journey focuses on gems of architecture, presenting rich layers of urban history with on-site visits, offering insight into urban changes and the challenges of historic preservation and adaptive re-use of landmark structures to resolve contemporary urban difficulties in a country overflowing with superb cultural moments.

For more information, itinerary and pricing contact:
Annette Dearing
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  • Images: provided by Kate St James
  • Image 1: Cinque Terra
  • Image 2: Carrara marble mine
  • Image 3: Venice