AAA Volunteers Wanted - Volunteer Recruitment Information Evening


Are you interested in becoming a volunteer? The AAA is holding a Volunteer Recruitment Information EveningĀ at the Austral Design Studio, 6pm Thursday 22 May.

We have a small team of dedicated volunteers who range in age and experience, but share a high level of enthusiasm for architecture and design, people, and what happens in our built environment. Previous formal education on the subject of architecture is not necessary.

What do our volunteers do? AAA volunteers work directly to the Aim - promoting contemporary architecture and design to as many people as possible, and building architectural appreciation in the community.

These architecture enthusiasts broaden their knowledge through researching, learning and delivering tours, interpreting the buildings for participants.

Assistance is available with research, which sometimes includes meeting with the volunteer chair and other volunteer tour leaders to discuss the concept of a particular building.

We also meet regularly to discuss feedback on existing tours, share ideas on new tours and to socialize.

Want to know more about the training program? Sign up to come to the information night here!