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Great Discounts on Memberships, Walks, Tours and Merchandise for 2014


DONATE NOW and show you want the AAA to continue to run it's extensive program of walks, tours and talks in 2014. We REWARD your generosity with fabulous discounts on a whole host of goodies. Don't miss out!

We are only a third of the way there in our aim to raise $15000 to fund our operations in 2014. With only a couple of weeks to go on the campaign we need you to show the love!

This is an all or nothing campaign - if we don't make target we don't redeem your pledges and you don't get the goodies! So urge your friends, family and acquaintances to support the AAA and enjoy the fantastic REWARDS on offer for 2014.


Want to know more about the Australian Architecture Association? Click here to visit the AAA website campaign page to learn more. Or simply go straight to the Pozible fundraising site and find the perfect REWARD today. With Christmas just around the corner the great discounts on offer will give you a head start on gifts for the design enthusiasts in your life.