Archive 2011

AAA Launches a New Series of Talks


The AAA is trialling a new series of talks that give an insight into aspects of design. These talks have been designed to appeal to anyone interested in learning more about the techniques and technology employed in various sectors of the design industry.

The CPD Talks Series will also be of interest to Architects. Each of our talks will accrue 1 formal CPD point toward your yearly requirement of Continuing Professional Development points for the Architects Registration Board for NSW.

On Wednesday 30 November, TCW (Tables Chairs & Workstations), in Alexandria, hosted the first of the AAA's CPD Talks Series, in association with In House Design Group 3. Our first talk, presented by Guy Briguglio of Opal Lighting, was on Energy Efficient Lighting.


Guy began his talk by demystifying some of the terminology and measures used in the lighting design industry. He then went on to explain the various lamp types that are currently being used in energy efficient lighting design. Guy also explained how the efficiency of lamps are affected by the fittings they are placed within and how testing is critical in achieving the right atmosphere in your designs.

Of great interest to attendees, were his observations on how technology is progressing the efficiency of existing lighting types. He also gave an overview on some of the new technology that is being developed in places like Japan and the United States. It appears that the next five to ten years will see some very exciting developments in lighting design, particularly in lights that utilise OLED (Organic Light-emitting diode) technology.

If you missed our first CPD Talk, we more scheduled to take place in 2012, with topics such as home automation, green walls and green roofs and using LinkedIn. The next one will take place in February and announcements about the dates for CPD Talks will be avaiable in the new year.