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Even More Benefits for AAA Members

1112a1The AAA is proud to announce further benefits for its members. All our members are now eligible for a reduced subscription rate to Architecture Media's Houses magazine.

Houses magazine is about good design for living. Its pages reveal the way that a house, through occupation, becomes a home, the architectural ideas, and the people behind them, including detailed floor plans and product lists.

Just in time for Christmas, AAA members have an exclusive opportunity to subscribe to Houses and receive 8 issues for the price of 6, a saving of more than $27 (or 29%) from the cover price.

So treat yourself or friend to 16 months of the best residential architecture at just $68 for Australian delivery.

To subscribe, follow this link:

To secure the extended subscription offer, AAA members will need a special code to be put in the notes area.  We will send this code out to all AAA members in a separate email shortly.