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UTS Zunz Lecture: Do Great Buildings Make Great Cities


Do great buildings make great cities? Sydney is a city with its share of great buildings. While a Sydney Opera House or Harbour Bridge are glorious ambassadors for their city; what is their impact on the life of the place and the people?

Emerging world cities compete to create their own ‘starchitect-designed' masterpieces and become the next beneficiaries of the Bilbao effect. Yet, increasingly complex factors go towards making a great city; encompassing everything from infrastructure and sustainability to human behaviour.

Can there truly be a balance between great buildings and the needs of local people and the wider city? Or are architects, planners, politicians and citizens arguing for a perfect solution that doesn't exist?

Presented by the Sydney Opera House, broadcaster and host of SBS TV's Insight, Jenny Brockie, will Chair a distinguished panel featuring Dr Elizabeth Farrelly, The Hon Nick Greiner, Graham Jahn and Professor Stuart White.  This is the 10th Anniversary special Zunz Lecture established by UTS in 2001.  It will be held on 15 December at 7pm in the Drama Theature.

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