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Two organisations meet to Make Poverty History

The AAA has a mission to educate the public about architecture. The Rotary Club of Sydney has initiated a campaign to join the world wide effort to Make Poverty History.

Both organisations want to help people – one in an economic way the other in a cultural way, their meeting point is the AAA launch of its 2007 tour programme with a full day of tours being run throughout the day on Saturday 24 February.

This is an event that implements both organisation’s aims, by donating the proceeds of thirty tours to the Make Poverty History campaign being run by the Rotary Club of Sydney, we can draw people’s attention to the extraordinary buildings that surround them in Sydney, introducing them to local architectural culture.

From the Rotary Club of Sydney’s perspective, the generosity of the AAA in holding this full day of tours on 24 February, will enable us to get closer to the basic objective: to finance a Micro-credit Bank in a very poor region of the Northern Philippines; we hope to lift some 15,000 Working Poors up the economic ladder,’—Gerry Rihs, President, Rotary Club of Sydney.

All of our Tour Leaders are volunteers who have been trained by the AAA, they fully support the event and believe that this is one of the most important philanthropic campaigns currently being run in Australia.

The Tour Leaders will be taking three different tours starting at 10.30 am in the morning, each tour lasts two hours and covers most of the significant buildings in the Sydney CBD.

The tours are the Sydney City Walk, the Walk Through Time and the Harbour Edge Walk. You can be part of the action by booking with the following forms (PDF):

These tours are a great place to start to understand Sydney’s architecture whether it be learning about the development of the high-rise building, explaining terms like ‘curtain wall’ or gaining an insight into Harry Seidler’s contribution to Sydney, everyone will learn something in the tours.