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Talking to the public

The Australian newspaper ran a story on October 7 about Lynn Osomond’s (CEO of the CAF) visit using the following quote from Lynn which sums up one the the AAA’s key aims:

“It’s architects talking to the public – it’s not architects talking to architects – and the public gets engaged, gets informed and gets active,”
— Lynn Osmond

Black start inspired by Peter Zumthor

Murcutt and Zumthor at the Opera House Without exception the feedback from Peter Zumthor’s lectures that were held in Sydney on 5 September and in Melbourne on 7 September has been extremely positive. Pictured (right) is AAA founding president, Glenn Murcutt with Peter Zumthor at the Opera House.

Setting the tone of the responses were quotes like these:

“Last night’s talk was simply fantastic… To find that Zumthor is a man with the modesty, compassion, sense of humour and cultural depth displayed last night was huge bonus!”
— Gerry Rihs in Sydney


“The Peter Zumthor lecture was great, really great. He is an inspirational speaker and you guys did very well in bringing him here.”
— Warwick Mihaly in Melbourne

Zumthor talk creates mountain of media

Syndey Morning Herald 6.09.2004 The Zumthor talks ahave created an unprecedented amount of media coverage for the AAA — too many articles to display here, instead here is an image of a half-page Sydney Morning Herald article by Linda Morris (6.09.2004)

Other articles:

Giving buildings body awareness: A swiss architect wants his profession to go beyond concepts and get real.
—Bernard Lane, The Australian 1/4 page 7.09.2004

Background for living: An acclaimed Swiss architect on a speaking tour in Australia creates structures that fit naturally with the environment.
—Robert Harley, Fin Review 1 page (3 images) 3.09.2004

Its all about us in Black and White.
—Elizabeth Farrelly, Sydney Morning Herald 1/2 page (2 images) 14.09.2004

One man going against the grey
—James Button , The Age 1/2 page (2 images) 11.09.2004

Julie Copeland interviews Peter Zumthor
—Radio National, 11am 12.09.2004

UTS campus site plan provokes comment

The recent contentious plan to redevelop parts ot the UTS campus into a housing development brought comment from AAA founding president, Glenn Murcutt and RAIA NSW Chapter president, Caroline Pidcock.

The comments were picked up by the Fairfax media with an article in the AFR and the SMH on August 26, 2004.