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Tin tin — Murcutt profile

Sydney Magazine July 2004 A profile of AAA founding president, Glenn Murcutt in the July 2004 edition of The Sydney Magazine contains aspirations for the future of the AAA.

The article contains over four pages of coverage about Glenn in which he discussed the newly formed AAA.

Black: Chipperfield, Legorreta, Siza

Speakers for the AAA’s Black speakers series have been secured up to 2006.

David Chipperfield will deliver the second Black series talk in early 2005. Details of venues and dates will be advertised here shortly and a promotional poster mailed out early in the New Year.

The third Black series speaker will be Ricardo Legorreta who will be talking in the second half of the year. The dates are being confirmed as we go to press, but will be put on the website once they are finalised.

Alvaro Siza has confirmed that he will speak in Australia in the first half of 2006 and we are currently negotiating with the other 2006 speaker.

Stay tuned…

Urban Environments or Urban Disasters?

Cities are in Crisis. While many urban centres still remain mired in environmental gridlock, a range of local and international designers are responding to the challenges of social, economic and ecologically sustainable development in many varied and innovative ways. The ECOEDGE conference is a showcase of
how Australian and international architects, planners and policy makers are making lasting contributions to sustainable urban environments – from the design of “green” buildings to the development of strategic frameworks for sustainable urban communities.

So starts the blurb for upcoming ECOEdge Conference in February (10-11th) in Melbourne. Visit the conference website for more information.

Notice of Special General Meeting

Wednesday 15 December, 6pm
followed by Christmas drinks at 6.30 pm
Location: Harry Seidler’s Apartment, Level 5, 2A Glen Street , Milsons Point

Preamble: In order for the AAA to be included on the Register of Cultural Organisations (ROCO) a separate fund called the Australian Architecture Association Fund, with its own bank account has been established by the AAA Committee. However, before the application for inclusion on ROCO can proceed clauses relating to the maintenance and winding up of this fund need to be formally incorporated into the Rules of the Association.

The following two special resolutions will be put to the meeting:

Special Resolution One:

‘That the Public Fund, called the Australian Architecture Association Fund is operated as follows:

  1. Donations will be deposited into the public fund listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations. These monies will be kept separate from other funds of the Association and will only be used to further the Association’s objects. Investment of monies in this fund will be made in accordance with guidelines for public funds as specified by the Australian Taxation Office.
  2. The fund will be administered by a management committee or a subcommittee of the management, a majority of whom, because of their tenure of some public office or their professional standing, have an underlying community responsibility, as distinct from obligations solely in regard to the cultural objectives of the Australian Architecture Association.
  3. No monies/assets in this fund will be distributed to members or office bearers of the Association, except as reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of the fund or proper remuneration for administrative services.’

Special Resolution Two:

‘That the Winding up clause of the Australian Architecture Association Fund will be managed as follows:

  1. If upon the winding up or dissolution of the public fund, there remains after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, and property or funds, the property or funds shall not be paid to or distributed among its members, but shall be given or transferred to some other fund, authority or institution having objects similar to the objects of this public fund, and whose rules shall prohibit the distribution of its or their income among its or their members, such fund, authority or institution to be eligible for tax deductibility of donations under Subdivision 30-B, section 30-100 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 and listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations maintained under the Act.’
  2. Any proposed amendments or alterations to provisions for the public fund will be notified to the Department responsible for the administration of the Register of Cultural Organisations to assess the effect of any amendments on the public fund’s continuing deductible gift recipient status.’

A Proxy Form is available for download in PDF format for you to complete and return in the event you are unable to attend:

Special General Meeting proxy form

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is important as we require three quarters of the membership to register a vote in order to pass the special resolutions – so please complete and return the Proxy Form if you can’t attend the meeting.

After the resolution

Glenn Murcutt welcomes all members to join him and the other founding committee members, Harry Seidler, Richard Johnson, Alex Popov, Wendy Lewin, James Grose , Ian Moore, Manu Siitonen and David Bare for drinks and informal discussions about the future plans of the AAA as it approaches the beginning of its second year of existence.

Stella de Vulder

Signed by Stella de Vulder, Secretary
Date of issue: 23 November 2004

Sydney Open Epilogue

Epilogue is the concluding part of a play or story. Sydney Open (Sunday 7 November) will be a day of exploration when thousands of people will have visited architecture of every type and scale they will have been in public and uplifting spaces in high rise towers, conservatoriums, and universities and they will have gone into intimate rooms and quiet corridors in houses and apartments. The AAA is bringing some of Sydney’s most talented architects, whose work will have been open during the day to speak at Epilogue. The event will take place at the Drama theatre at the Sydney Opera House concluding the day with some quick and witty insights into architecture.

Download a flyer and book early through the Opera House box office 02 9250 7777.