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AAA Showcase

Highlighting the formation of the AAA, the Australian Financial Review Magazine ran a picture story in the March 2004 edition.

Article text:

A new association to promote architecture is born.

Glenn Murcutt is a name – perhaps even a face – familiar to those with even the most cursory knowledge of architecture. Stella de Vulder, on the other hand, you’ve probably never heard of.

For more than 20 years as the nationa public relatios manager for the Royal Australian Institute of Architects,de Vulder worked to promote architecture. but late last year she quit her post to join forces with Murcutt and a colleague from the RAIA, Annette Dearing, to establish the Australian Architecture Association (AAA).

While the RAIA is the professional organisation that represents architects legally, politically and in the media, the AAA will concern itself soley with the promotion of architecture per se.

“That’s what we’re really passionate about,” says de Vulder. “When you look at the contribution made by similar organisations overseas, I think we are a bit late starting this…The Chicago Architecture Foundation in the US [for instance] runs 65,000 architecture tours every year, which is a wonderful contribution to the community’s understanding and appreciation of architecture.”

At press time, the fledgling association was in negotiation to bring one of the biggest names in contemporary architecture to Australia for a speaking tour. That Murcutt has this man on his speed dial has of course helped negotiations along. The AAA plans to run two events each year with peakers of similar stature.