Palm Beach Blue by Benn + Penna


During COVID 19 we've been missing being able to share amazing Australian architecture on our tours. Now that measures are relaxing, we are happy to announce that our @home tours will be resuming in July with a special discount to visit a home designed by Vanessa Wegner.  While we eagerly await this tour, we thought we would share a sneak peak at a Benn + Penna residence which will be opened as part of our @Home program in August.

Palm Beach Blue is a new house perched upon a steeply sloping site in Palm Beach, a Northern Beaches suburb of Sydney.  Designed by Benn + Penna Architects, this amazing house has the most spectacular views and has been designed for a large intergenerational family with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of occupants.  The clients have a long family history in the area and the new house replaces a cabin built by the family’s previous generation that was typical of the post war era.

Various fragments of the original cabin are retained, whilst others are reimagined to provide a subtle link with the past. Benn + Penna have retained an existing stone terrace and extended it along the landscape contour, establishing a platform for the new house to stretch across the views.  


The project is best understood as drawing from the landscape, enabling the occupants to immerse themselves into their surrounds. The restrained architectural form and deliberately modest built imprint ensures the clients requirements for a comfortable and relaxed holiday experience that don’t conflict with the natural beauty of the site. In this sense, its Benn + Penna’s ambition that this design hopefully contributes to society's understanding of how a relatively simple design can sit within the local environment, drawing from but not dominating it.


Wow, can’t wait to see this architectural gem.

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Annette Dearing

  • Images: Tom Ferguson (Images 1 & 3) & Andrew Benn (Image 2)