Members Benefits Program

Magazine Subscriptions: (in alphabetical order)


  • Grand Designs Australia - $20 for 4 issues / $40 for 8 issues
  • Houses - $71 for 8 issues instead of 6 issues (A saving of $23.60 off normal subscription rate)
  • Home Design - $55 a year (Normal annual subscription $83.70 - save $28.70)

Canon Rewards Club


Canon Rewards Club offers AAA members the opportunity to discover a range of unique offers from Canon Australia. Click here and activate your account today to take advantage of awesome discounts, unique offers and special promotions that are now available to members. Some of the main benefits you can expect from Canon:

  • Great discounts on a massive range of Canon products (including cameras, lenses, printers & Ink!)
  • FREE Delivery across Australia
  • 14 Day Peace of Mind offer
  • Access to unique sales & promotions

Other benefits our members enjoyed include:

  • Members only events
  • Free tickets to events and movies
  • "Bring a friend for free" to selected walks
  • Discounted AAA merchanise such as the AAA Box of Cards

    So start enjoying these benefits today by joining online! (or download and return the form from the membership page)