Keep Architecture Open 2018



 $ 7,770.00

Donated so far


Day(s) to go

 $ 15,000.00

Goal amount

We're reaching out to our AAA Friends because we are hoping to raise $15,000.

Our amazing group of volunteer tour leaders form the backbone of our Association and it’s your support that helps
us train the skilled volunteers who lead our walking tours.

Supporting our Fundraising Campaign will help “Keep Architecture Open” to everyone!

Proceeds will assist us in developing and delivering new tours and events in 2019. With your help, AAA will continue to educate and engage in discussion with the public including school children about architecture and how it impacts our lives on a daily basis.

In appreciation of your help, we have put together some amazing rewards for your support in the ‘Keep Architecture Open’ campaign.


‘’I've done all of the walks and go to every open house and full tour day I can because if you enjoy seeing good design (house tours) and putting architecture in context (walking tours), this is a great way to do it. It is also a very effective way to learn about new architectural products that you might want to use in your own home renovations, etc” – testimonial AAA member.

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The Australian Architecture Association would like to thank the following individuals and organisations who have shown their love for the AAA by donating rewards to our campaign:

Mr Craig Couzens, Ms Vanessa Couzens, Mr Ben Gerstel, Mr Vincent Lam




Donor Name Total Recent Mode of Payment
Shirley Zions  $ 50.00  $ 50.00 Paypal
Keith Hornshaw  $ 500.00  $ 500.00 Paypal
Larissa Prpic  $ 790.00  $ 790.00 Paypal
Sue Gard  $ 120.00  $ 120.00 Paypal
Anonymous donor  $ 300.00  $ 300.00 Paypal