Last Chance to Book Novembers AAA Residential Coach Tour

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Don't miss your last chance to secure your tickets for the final Australian Architecture Association Residential Coach Tour for 2019.

Taking place Saturday 30 November, this tour promises to provide a fascinating insight into the latest contemporary home design in Sydney.

Once again the Australian Architecture Association will showcase the work of both established and upcoming architects, including:

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Date: Saturday 30 November 2019
Time: 9.15am - 5.15pm
Tickets: $205 (public) / $190 (AAA Members)

A full lunch is provided on the day of the bus tour.

Numbers are limited, so book now! Click here to secure your place on the tour.


In Profile: Alex Zecevic of TTW

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This month All About Architecture features Alex Zecevic, an Associate at Taylor Thomson Whitting (TTW), one of the largest independent structural engineering consultant firms in Australia - who have been long time supporters of the AAA as Corporate Members.

Alex is a timber engineering enthusiast and advocate, with over thirteen years experience working in both Australia and the UK – with seven of those years as a proud part of the TTW family.

Passionate about mass timber and hybrid timber design, Alex has become an industry expert and a specialist timber frame engineer. 

By delivering 10+ completed mass timber buildings to date, he brings valuable European market knowledge and construction experience. His current mass timber projects include the 13,000 m2 mass timber building The Bond in Norwest.

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Tell us a little bit about Timber at TTW?

Over the past 20 years, our Timber team has engineered 50+ timber projects such as award-winning Bunjil Place, Seed House and the Incubator Macquarie University.

These achievements are the results of our expertise in designing with timber and utilising cutting-edge technologies while providing a high-level service to our clients.

Amongst undertaking our own research, our engineers are involved in full-scale tests with universities, builders and fabricators, locally and internationally. These tests for structural integrity and fire enable us to deliver efficient, elegant and award-winning designs, while achieving national code compliance.

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Why do you choose Timber?

Firstly, it looks great! there is something incredibly appealing about the warm and natural aesthetic of a nicely detailed timber structure. There is lots of data on its positive impacts on occupant’s wellbeing and productivity.

Secondly, there are proven environmental benefits of using it as a sustainable method for construction. A structure designed in timber instead of concrete or steel would lead to lighter foundation loads, which could lead to smaller concrete foundations (and less carbon) being used. Some of these benefits along with quick construction time and reduced (safer) on site activities are often overlooked in the early stages of comparisons.

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Tell me about the unique and smart ways TTW is putting Mass Timber to use?

We’ve built our expertise through delivering some of the most advanced timber projects, such as Aveo Norwest which was the tallest CLT building at the time in Australia. By continually developing in-house design tools and methods for structural analysis, our integrated services with our advanced analytics and computational design team can very quickly test concepts and ideas in the beginning of a project to design and deliver the most efficient timber buildings. 

When recommending Timber, what are the considerations that should be thought about when choosing Mass Timber for a project?

Fire design and certification is probably one of the hottest topics right now (pun intended) with mass timber construction. The overall fire strategy and design will dictate the approach to the structural design and the detailing of members and connections. Typically, the longer the fire period, the larger your timber sections need to become – an allowance needs to be made for this when considering section sizes and depths. This can all have an impact on the aesthetics. 

Another key consideration is the services reticulation strategy. I recommend designing into the structure and planning service reticulation routes that don’t require large penetrations through beams. The rules around hole sizes through timber beams are not as forgiving as those through steel beams, and therefore much smaller holes through beams can be achieved economically. Any large holes or notches to beams will need to be reinforced with screws, which adds cost into a project

Lastly, where is Mass Timber going in the future, how do you see it influencing our industry?

Overseas, and mainly in Europe, the majority of mass timber projects are engineered with prefabricated façade panels as well as prefabricated timber elements. Pushing the off-site construction envelope will unlock the next evolution in the Australian market for mass timber and design for manufacture and assembly. 

How do we find out more about using Mass Timber on a project? 

TTW or myself are always happy to have a chat over a coffee or give a presentation at your office.

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  • Article: Interview provided by Lydia Piegay Marketing and Events Coordinator TTW
  • Image 1: Alex Zecevic, Associate at TTW
  • Image 2: Visualisation of The Bond in Norwest Business Park, designed by Fitzpatrick + Partners Architects (Image provided by TTW)
  • Images 3: The Seed House, designed by Fitzpatrick + Partners (Image provided by TTW)
  • Images 4: The Seed House, designed by Fitzpatrick + Partners (Photographer: John Gollings)
  • Image 5: Macquarie University Incubator, designed by Architectus (Photographer: Murrary Fredericks)

Give Yourself a Christmas Gift of AAA Membership


Are you looking for ideas for Christmas gifts? Or looking to reward yourself and your staff for another successful year? An Australian Architecture Association membership is the perfect gift!

We have a variety of membership options:

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Just a few of the highlights of membership include:

  • Free tickets to AAA architectural walking tours
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  • Discounts on AAA Talks
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Your gift of a AAA membership will help continue opening the doors on contemporary architecture and raising awareness of the value of design to enriching our built environment.

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  • Article: Vanessa Couzens
  • Image 1: The Walk Through Time Tour
  • Image 2: The Ultimo Walking Tour
  • Image 3: At Home With the Architect attendees at Tusculum House, Potts Point NSW, designed by Smart Design Studio (Photographer: Vanessa Couzens)

Discovered @home - Jase Sullivan

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Over the years At Home has opened the doors on a variety of fabulous architect designed residences, where tour participants get to experience the spaces and talk to the architects and clients about how the houses are designed and constructed.

Tour participants often ask questions about what materials and products have been used in the homes. All About Architecture thought it would be interesting to our readers to focus on some of the people, products and materials we discover at our @home tours.

This month 'Discovered @home' is featuring interior designer Jase Sullivan

Jase collaborated with Clinton Cole of CplusC Architectural Workshop on Welcome to the Jungle House, which was featured in Septembers @home tour.

This is the second home he has worked on for CplusC, both of which have been shortlisted for Best Residential homes in the world at the World Architecture Festivals Awards for 2018 and 2019.

Jase began to pursue his passion for interiors several years ago, after a successful career as an international model. He may also be familiar to some of you already from his television show appearances. He was the winner of Channel 9’s renovation television show, homeMADE in 2009 and has more recently been a host, judge and mentor on 'The Block'.

Over the past several years he has worked with a variety of celebrity clients and collaborated on award winning houses with companies such as Arent & Pyke.

Welcome to the Jungle House features collectable vintage furnishings that have become something of a trademark for Jase's design practice.

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Much of the furniture and lighting selected for Welcome to the Jungle House was imported from Italy and sourced from a vintage furniture supplier in Melbourne. Furniture was selected for practicality and comfort for a family with young children.

Signature lighting pieces, such as the below vintage eyeball floor lamp, add quirky individuality to the spaces and are lovely examples of the functionalist aesthetic of the 60s and 70s, made famous by lighting designers like the American Robert Sonneman and Italians Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.

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The AAA enjoyed meeting Jase and would like to thank him for taking the time to join Clinton Cole of CplusC at our @home tour of Welcome to the Jungle House. We look forward to seeing more of his work.


  • Article: Vanessa Couzens
  • Image 1: Jase Sullivan at Welcome to the Jungle House, designed by CplusC Architectural Workshop
  • Image 2: Ground floor living room which can be converted into a sleeping space for guests
  • Image 3: Vintage easy chair and eyeball floor lamp in the top floor living space
  • Photographer: Vanessa Couzens

This Month @home Visits Waverley

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This month @home visits Kent House, designed by Studio Schelp. Meet architect Manuelle Schelp and experience how the alterations and additions to this terrace home have updated its facilities to better meet the needs of a 21st century lifestyle.

Part of a group of three terraces and located on a narrow block sloping down southwards from the street, the existing house has its major rooms addressing the street, while the ancillary functions are relegated to the back.

The concept was to strip back the existing building to its main core and add a new rear pavilion with internal courtyard to provide northern sun and day light access and cross ventilation to the centre of the new floor plate. Exposed steel portal frames, clad with metal sheeting, defines the shell of the new pavilion.

Internally, a timber shaped structure ‘wanders’ through the double height volume to form the various spaces and their built-in joinery; the kitchen / dining at lower ground, and the living at ground floor.


Manuelle Schelp is a registered architect in both Switzerland and Australia. She founded her Darlinghurst architecture and interior design practice - Studio Schelp, in 2007.

Studio Schelp delivers design services including concept design, design development, development application, construction documentation, tender, contract administration and services during construction.

Her portfolio of projects is focused predominately in residential design, ranging from single houses to large scale apartment buildings. She has also worked on office, commercial and community projects.


Location: Waverly, NSW
Please note that the address and meeting point will only be forwarded to ticket holders in the days immediately before the tour.
Time: 11.00am - 12.00pm
Date: Sunday 27 October 2019
Tickets: $35 (Early Bird) / $45 (Public) / $30 (AAA Members)

Click here and book now before the tour is full!

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Eventbrite Link: 

  • Article: Vanessa Couzens & Annette Dearing
  • Images: Kent House House designed by Studio Schelp (Source: Studio Schelp)
  • Photographer: Des Harris